About Us

PIP Consulting was established with the view to assisting companies and individuals with solutions and advice on their Insurance requirements.
We are not a broker or underwriting manager and act independently to provide unbiased advice and solutions.

It is our goal and mission to ensure that our clients are treated fairly when they claim against their Insurance policies.

In order to ensure the best possible outcome, there are various pre-loss actions that need to take place to ensure that all requirements are in place for an easy claims experience.


We live our values and they are consistent with our behaviour through:


We learn from our success and mistakes in an equal manner

Protect our reputation by adhering to a respectable code of conduct

Show respect to all our clients, stakeholders and colleagues


We pioneer new ideas to the benefit of our clients

Open to exchange ideas and support one another

Stimulate fresh perspectives

Create an environment of out the box thinking and problem solving


In our approach – our service – our talent.

Commitment to tasks

A “Yes We Can” attitude

Celebrating victory!!

Building a foundation with the work we do and the communities in which we operate


With a vast amount of experience within the claims sector of the short term Insurance industry, we have seen many claims rejected or adjusted downward due to incorrect procedures, lack of documentation, etc.

Companies further do not have staff dedicated to take over the task of claims preparation and this takes up a vast amount of time in the event of a claim. The staff further do not know what the Insurance Companies require and this leads to the claim taking much longer to settle than is required.

Additionally, companies do not have dedicated staff to take over the tasks of claims preparation resulting in the waste of a vast amount of time resulting in delays in the settlement of a claim.

At PIP we firstly ensure that all documents are in place prior to a claim being lodged and then take over the entire preparation process, taking the burden off of the staff, leaving them to focus on what is really important.

Our service is underpinned by our slogan Passion Innovation and Perseverance and through this we continually strive to provide our clients with outstanding service levels.

Our products are tailor made to cater for our clients’ needs hence ensuring that we not only meet but always exceed the needs and expectations of each and every client.