Our Services

Pre-Loss Consultation

During this process we arrange a site meeting and perform a risk assessment of your premises and other insurable assets. A report considering and highlighting your unique risks is then compiled for submission to your broker and/or insurance company. 

Explanations of policy cover and exclusions are also dealt with to eliminate any misunderstandings in the event of a claim.


Asset Register Compilation & Management

This service includes the compilation of an asset register to allocate insurable assets to the applicable policy section or updating an existing asset register to be “insurance ready”. We provide an online portal where our clients can login via the internet or mobile phones and capture all data pertaining to the purchase of a new asset including uploading of photographs, purchase invoices, etc.

When utilising this service, proof of ownership in the event of a claim has been accounted for prior to a claim being lodged and also promotes a paperless environment and optimises and simplifies internal document management. A full asset register is therefore always readily available in CSV or PDF format.

Claims Preparation Services

In the event of a claim we assist with all the required documentation and obtaining of replacement quotations to lodge a comprehensively completed claim with the insurers. We further deal with and appoint all third party service providers on the clients behalf.

Claims Management

In this process we deal with the insurance company and the appointed assessor to expedite the claims process. We deal with all follow up calls with insurers along with revision of settlement received, motivation letters and dealing with disputes should claims be repudiated or adjusted.

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